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Welcome to the EPPiC Broadcast: Empowering Parents and Protecting Children. Featuring personal stories, breaking news, and insightful commentary, we’ll encourage and inform you on the issue of family and parental rights as you guide and protect that child who is your world.

The views and opinions expressed by our podcast guests are not necessarily those of the EPPiC Broadcast or the Parental Rights Foundation. In the interest of furthering our nonpartisan mission of educating the public about parental rights, we seek to feature a broad diversity of views and opinions relating to parental rights. If you have thoughts about our podcast or a particular podcast guest, we welcome your feedback at foundation@parentalrights.org.

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Medical Kidnapping: The Pelletiers’ Story

By Sheila Roberts | March 30, 2020

What does it feel like when the doctors you trust to heal your children turn on you, and take them away instead? This week, we’re privileged to speak with the family of Justina Pelletier, the teen abducted by Boston Children’s Hospital in 2013. Justina’s dad Lou, her mom Linda, and her sister Jennifer tell the…

Blind Parents’ Fight Against Discrimination

By Sheila Roberts | March 30, 2020

Did you know that in a majority of states the government can take your children from you just because you have a disability, like being blind?  Don’t miss out on this episode, where Michael talks with Mark Riccobono, president of the National Federation of the Blind. President Riccobono sheds crucial light on how blind parents…

To Whom Do Children Belong?

By Sheila Roberts | March 30, 2020

Your children are yours, right? Or are they?  This week, Michael talks with Melissa Moschella, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at The Catholic University of America, about the legal and philosophical underpinnings of parental rights. Melissa also breaks down the arguments of those who want to treat children as property of the government and reduce parents…

C&S: Reviewing “The Pursuit of Happyness”

By Sheila Roberts | February 25, 2020

Are poor parents automatically bad parents? The Cory and Shellby Jo Show is back with our first movie review, exploring parental rights in pop culture. This week, we discuss The Pursuit of Happyness, a movie that highlights a father’s resolve to provide for his son, no matter what. For us, this movie raises questions about what…

“Child Abuse Pediatricians”

By Sheila Roberts | February 18, 2020

What are “child abuse pediatricians” and why should you be concerned? Find out in this episode, as Michael talks with UNC law professor Maxine Eichner. Eichner shares her professional and personal experience with parental rights in the medical world, plus her insight on the Justina Pelletier case from one who’s been there.

Talking with Attorney Allison Folmar

By Sheila Roberts | February 11, 2020

This week, Michael talks with attorney Allison Folmar, who led the defense in the nationally publicized 2011 Maryanne Godboldo case. Allison tells us all about the case and the family’s story from the inside, and how it impacted the state of parental rights. 

Parental Rights Legislation Update

By Sheila Roberts | February 4, 2020

This week, hear about Senator Mike Lee’s new parental rights legislation, which would help keep you informed and involved in your children’s medical care. Michael breaks down these bills (and more) with Maggie McKneely, ParentalRights.org’s liaison in Washington, DC.  You may hear a tapping sound in the background caused by our equipment – we’ll be…

C&S: A Dad’s Perspective

By Sheila Roberts | January 28, 2020

This week marks the first episode of the Cory & Shellby Jo Show. Once a month, two of our younger employees take over the show and break down some of the cultural issues surrounding parental rights. This week they’re joined by father of two and local musician Daniel Heffington, a parental rights advocate from Generation…

Concerns From Virginia

By Sheila Roberts | January 21, 2020

Michael and Jim address recent legislative developments in Virginia that seriously threaten parental rights nation-wide. We explain why we’re concerned about these bills, and break down how they change the debate on parental rights, what these changes mean for the rest of the country, and what you can do to protect your family. 

Talking with Patti Sullivan

By Sheila Roberts | January 14, 2020

This week, Jim and Michael talk with ParentalRights.org’s Florida grassroots coordinator, Patti Sullivan. Patti tells us why she is passionate about the role of parents, and shares some exciting developments from Florida’s parental rights movement.  

Special Announcement: Podcast Debuts Today!

By Sheila Roberts | January 7, 2020

Today is the day we launch the Parental Rights Podcast! Soon you will be able to stream or download from iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Stitcher, but today you can get the earliest access to the premier episode right here at Parentalrightsfoundation.org. The first installment, hosted by Parental Rights Foundation President Jim Mason and Executive…