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A primary aim of the Parental Rights Foundation is to provide a legal defense for families whose parental rights have been violated by government agencies or officials. To assist in that effort, the following list of legal organizations have taken on parental rights cases in the past and may be able to assist families in need. Please be aware that these are separate organizations; we cannot speak for them, and we cannot promise they will take your case.
About the Children, LLC, helps their clients prepare legal documents in visitation, custody, and child support cases.

phone: 800-787-4981

Alliance Defending Freedom
Alliance Defending Freedom defends religious freedom, human life, and families through advocacy and litigation. NO CPS CASES.

phone: 800-835-5233

Coalition for Informed Choice
The Coalition for Informed Choice helps parents acquire religious exemptions from New York's vaccination requirements.

phone: 718-479-2939

Heritage Defense
Heritage Defense is a Christian organization that provides legal aid to families having trouble with social services.

phone: 1-800-515-5901

The Justice Foundation
The Justice Foundation uses litigation and education to defend Americans' fundamental rights.

phone: 210-614-6656

Juvenile Law Center
The Juvenile Law Center defends children in the child welfare and justice systems.

phone: 1-800-875-8887

LegalShield provides its members with access to an attorney for a small monthly fee.

phone: 800-654-7757

Liberty Counsel
Liberty Counsel uses education and litigation to protect religious freedom, life, and the family. NO CPS CASES.

phone: 800-671-1776

National Association of Parents

The National Association of Parents is a 501(c)(3) member association charity that, using only the US Constitution, takes positions concerning the rights of parents. For those cases in which the facts are not greatly in dispute, but the law or the procedures are intruding on the rights of parents, the National Association of Parents may get involved. To request help, please visit its website and email providing a detailed description of your situation.


National Juvenile Defender Center
The National Juvenile Defender Center seeks to provide quality counsel for children in the justice system.

phone: 202-452-0010

National Parents' Rights Association
The mission of the National Parents' Rights Association is to teach parents about their legal rights.

phone: 678-480-1550

Pacific Justice Institute
The Pacific Justice Institute is a legal organization that seeks to defend parental rights, religious freedom, and civil liberties.

phone: 916-857-6900 is a lawyer referral service for those in the state of California.

phone: 1-888-973-7968

Rutherford Institute
Rutherford Institute defends Civil and Human rights through litigation and education. NO CPS CASES.

phone: 434-978-3888

Texas Association of Family Defense Attorneys

The Texas Association of Family Defense Attorneys is a group of Texas statewide attorneys focused on the defense of the family. (Texas cases only.)

phone: 409-234-4480

Thomas Moore Law Center
Thomas Moore Law Center uses litigation and education to safeguard religious freedom, life, and family values. NO CPS CASES.

phone: 734-827-2001