DC Minor Consent Case

UPDATE November, 2022:

Total victory! Soon after Judge McFadden issued the preliminary injunction, DC waved the white flag. Rather than appeal the preliminary injunction, they entered into settlement talks with the Parental Rights Foundation and our co-counsel on behalf of our clients. The settlement, signed by all parties on August 31, provides in part that “The District will not enforce the Act, now or in the future” and that the parties will dismiss their suit “[i]f the Act is permanently repealed by or before December 31, 2022.”

UPDATE March 18, 2022:

In response to the Parental Rights Foundation’s lawsuit, the US District Court for the District of Columbia today granted a  preliminary injunction to halt DC’s Minor Consent to Vaccination Act Amendment of 2020. You can read more on this latest update here.

January 7, 2021

Read the complaint.

DC passed a law in 2019 to allow a medical provider to decide whether a child is mature enough to grant consent for vaccination without their parent’s approval. The law also directs the medical provider, the child’s school, and even their insurance provider to keep this information away from the child’s parent.

Such a scheme could cause irreparable harm to a child whose parent could be making medical decisions without a full knowledge of their child’s medical history.

To protect children by empowering parent against this dangerous new law, we filed suit in DC court.

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