Examining Issues in the Foster Care System

Examining Issues in the Foster Care System

In cases of true abuse or systemic neglect (such as abandonment), foster care may be necessary for some children. And many—probably most— foster parents are good and loving people who have opened their homes to children not there own just because the child was in need, possibly even in danger. We appreciate those amazing parents so much.

Overall, though, our foster care system is deeply flawed. Too often, the system takes children away from innocent parents. And numerous studies show that the child welfare system on the whole hurts more children than it helps. Something must be done.

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Stories About Issues in the Foster Care System

Note: Parental Rights Foundations does not necessarily agree with all views expressed in these articles. They are provided here to give a glimpse into what is happening in the news.

  • Foster Mother Arrested After Death of Infant In Forney Home – We recognize that this kind of abuse is rare and tragic, but it is even scarier when we recognize that some 83% of children removed from their homes are ultimately returned home, the accusations against their parents unfounded or unsubstantiated. Statistically, odds are 5 to 1 this little girl and her brother would have been perfectly safe back home with their mom or dad.
  • Home Is Where the Heart Is, for Missing Foster Kids, Too – There is a runaway problem in the foster care system. And of those who go AWOL, many end up victims of sex trafficking. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 86% of the 18,500 reported runaways “were in the care of social services.”
    We’re excited to see articles like this that raise awareness about some issues that need to be addressed. Sadly, though, the article doesn’t address the fact that many children placed in this system have been wrongly removed from loving parents. Perhaps this is what leads them to run away because, as program manager Rick Isaiah believes, “they want to go home.”

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