Survey: Voters Overwhelmingly Support Parents’ Rights

The Parental Rights Foundation, working with Heart and Mind Strategies, recently asked the following question of a national audience: “In general, parents have the constitutional right to make decisions for their children without government interference unless there is proof of abuse or neglect. Do you agree or disagree with this view of parental rights?” 

Overall, 83% of Americans agree with the statement above, and 51% strongly agree, according to the survey. Only 10% disagree, with just 3% strongly disagreeing.  And only 6% are not sure.


Among Republicans, 90% support the statement, with 64% strongly supportive. Among Democrats, 83% support, with 44% strongly supportive. And among Independents, 78% support, with 47% strongly supportive.

83% (1)
83% (2)

Both Trump voters (91% agree, 65% strongly agree) and Biden voters (84% agree, 44% strongly agree) are supportive.

Support is strong across ethnicity: Whites 85% agree, 53% strongly agree. Blacks 75% agree, 49% strongly agree. Asians 76% agree, 36% strongly agree. Hispanics 85% agree, 53% strongly agree. 

Support is strong across additional demographics surveyed as well, including education, religion, age, employment status, household income, and region. 

“Parental rights are truly universal,” said Will Estrada, President of the Parental Rights Foundation. “As we saw when Governor Youngkin won election in Virginia last year in a state that President Biden had won handily, as we saw this spring when parents in San Francisco voted their radical school board members out of office, and now as we see in this incredible survey, parental rights cut across party lines, ethnic lines, and gender lines.”

“Americans overwhelmingly agree that parents have the right to make decisions for their children,” said Bruce Blakeman, Senior Vice President at Heart and Mind Strategies, who conducted the survey. “It’s about as close to unanimity as you can get on an issue with Americans. These results show that any candidate who opposes parents’ rights does so at their own peril. This survey quantifies across the country what happened in the Virginia governor’s race last year.”

“Moms and dads love their children, raise their children, spend sleepless nights concerned for their children. Parental rights truly means protecting our precious children by empowering parents. That’s the heart of what this survey shows,” said Estrada.

The entire survey can be viewed online at