Our Biggest Court Victory of 2022!

It was our biggest court victory of 2022: the District of Columbia surrendered to a preliminary injunction against DC’s Minor Consent for Vaccinations Amendment Act of 2020, choosing to settle out of court and repeal their law rather than appeal their case.

You may recall that the law would have allowed children as young as 11 to give legally binding consent to vaccinations, while prohibiting schools, medical providers, and even insurance companies from informing parents that the shot had been received. Thanks to the preliminary injunction followed by DC’s decision not to appeal, that law never went into effect.

Our win did something else, too: it helped us and allied organizations defeat similar legislation nationwide. You can rest assured that we and our allies will be relying on this win wherever states try to pass minor consent laws of their own in 2023.

Parents, not government bureaucrats, should decide what vaccines their minor children should receive and when.

You can read media accounts of the victory at WebMD, DCist, and the Washington Post. You can read our full account online here. And you can listen to our podcast interview with our cocounsel in this case, Rolf Hazlehurst, here.

As you know, the Parental Rights Foundation is 100% donor funded. That means that if it weren’t for the support of readers like you, we would not have been here to challenge this law and protect the children of DC from the consequences of adult decisions they are not yet ready for. Your generosity fueled our ability to protect these children by preserving their parents’ protective decision-making role.

Let me invite you to invest in us today , so that we will be here to take on the next challenge to your parental rights, as well.


Michael Ramey
Executive Director

PS—Parental Rights Foundation president Will Estrada will be presenting an online workshop with Leadership Institute next week. Grassroots Lobbying—A Workshop for Center-Right Citizens Who Want to Succeed is scheduled for Tuesday, December 13, from 7-11pm Eastern. This training will provide valuable information for dedicated supporters as we gear up to promote parents’ bills of rights in the states and the Parental Rights Amendment in 2023. You can get more information or register here.