Life or Death: Yet Another Charlie Gard?

The hospitals of Britain are at it again. The “medical experts” have deduced that somehow death is actually in the best interests of Tafida Raqeeb, just as they decided for Alfie Evans in 2016 and Charlie Gard in 2017. That’s like a car salesman telling you to just walk. Everywhere. It’s like a kindergarten teacher…

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Call for Family Attorneys in Massachusetts

Dear Parental Rights Champion in Massachusetts, We often receive requests from families who need legal representation to keep their families together, but the Parental Rights Foundation does not have those resources available. However, one of our allies, the Massachusetts Family Institute, is working on building just such a network in your state. While MFI’s allies…

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A Special Father’s Day Message from Shaun Alexander

Shaun Alexander celebrates a touchdown.

My name is Shaun Alexander, and I’m the vice-president of the Parental Rights Foundation. From 2000 – 2008 I played in the National Football League, eight years in Seattle for the Seahawks and my last year in DC for the Washington Redskins. In 2005, I was named the Most Valuable Player of the NFL, having…

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National Conference on Child Abuse Takes a Surprising Turn

When I entered the National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect on April 24, I felt like a spy. I was properly registered and wore my name tag proudly, yet I feared I might be grossly out of place. After all, here I was representing the rights of parents among agencies and organizations who routinely…

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Mandatory Home Visits Coming to Oregon?

Dear Champion of Parental Rights, Are the headlines true? Are universal mandatory home visits coming to Oregon in the near future? At first read, it appears Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s latest budget proposal would introduce over the next six years a program of mandatory in-home visits for every family with a newborn child. Not just…

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State of the Children Welcomes Parental Rights Foundation

On Saturday, October 13, I was privileged to travel to Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan, for the State of the Children conference. The event brought together key public figures in the Detroit area along with speakers and organizations from all over the country to network and share their concerns about parental rights and child…

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Paid to Pull Children from Their Homes


“The federal government has always paid us only if we pull children from their homes” Crouch is West Virginia’s Secretary of Health and Human Resources, head of the department of the same name. Last week Crouch spoke to state lawmakers about upcoming changes resulting from the Family First Prevention Services Act, recently passed as part…

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Mom Investigated for Neglect: “There’s Something Really Wrong”

“For something like this to happen to me, there’s something really wrong.” That is the thought of a lot of good parents who suddenly find themselves caught up in a child welfare investigation without cause, and it’s the exact words of Wilmette, Illinois, mother Corey Widen to the Chicago Tribune last week. On August 2,…

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Medically Kidnapped, Forced to Escape

Mayo Clinic

 Image from Google Earth of a Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Here we go again. Just when I started to think nothing would surprise me anymore, the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota held a teenager hostage a la Justina Pelletier, working to cut her parents out of the picture and take control of the girl’s healthcare…

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The “Age of Fear” in the “Land of Surveillance”

The "Age of Fear" in the "Land of Surveillance"

It’s one of the toughest balancing acts you face as a parent: how to teach your child independence and self-reliance while keeping them safe in a dangerous and interconnected world. I say “interconnected” because, as wonderful as connection is, in some instances it can cause more harm than good. A key example: anonymous reporting. You…

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