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"Bad Medicine" May Be Just What the Doctor Ordered

New Legal Paper Challenges the Charge of Medical Child Abuse The latest volume of the UC Davis Law Review features…


The Controversial Child Abuse Epidemic Tearing Families Apart

Jessica Holt* was only a few months old when her mother, Sally*, noticed that something was wrong. Jessica didn’t feed…

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Thanks to the partnership of concerned parents like you, we are able to monitor the news for issues that could affect parental rights. Here are some "quick takes" on news items. Please also see our news sections arranged by category: medical child abuse, disabilities, and child abuse prevention.

Three-Fourths of Rescued Children Came from Foster Care

According to a US Marshals Service (USMS) spokesman quoted by PJ Media, more than three-fourths of children recently rescued in…

Innocent Parents Removed from Abuse Registry in New York

A timely letter drafted for the Parental Rights Foundation was sufficient to remove one couple’s names from the New York…

Kentucky Court Rejects Immunity Claim

Thanks to a ruling in a federal district court in Kentucky last week, a child welfare investigator can no longer…