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Don’t Call CPS for a Child Wearing a Mask Outdoors

Please, for goodness’ sake, DO NOT CALL CPS if you see a kid wearing a mask outdoors. Fox News host…

Your Guide to the Doctor’s Office

An average doctor visit shouldn’t turn into a battle to keep your child. But, over the years, we’ve shared the…

Why Parents’ Rights in the News Is Itself Big News

There has been a lot of talk about parents’ rights in the last few weeks. In an article at NextCity.Org,…

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Thanks to the partnership of concerned parents like you, we are able to monitor the news for issues that could affect parental rights. Here are some "quick takes" on news items. Please also see our news sections arranged by category: medical child abuse, disabilities, and child abuse prevention.

Justina and Her Mom

Diagnosis Dispute Leads to Lost Custody – Justina Pellitier

[Credit for Photos: A Miracle for Justina Facebook page] Justina Pelletier finally made it home to her family in June…

Taken Away Over Getting a Second Opinion – “Baby Sammy”

In California, “Baby Sammy” was taken from his parents because they left one hospital to seek a second opinion at…