Celebrate Giving Tuesday with the Parental Rights Foundation

December 1, 2020, is Giving Tuesday, the holiday when we give back by donating to our favorite charities. And this year the Parental Rights Foundation is setting our biggest goal ever so we can continue to help innocent families in need.

This year, generous partners have offered a matching grant of up to $45,000, so we’ve set our Giving Tuesday goal to meet that grant—for a total of $90,000. What that means is, for every dollar given on Giving Tuesday up to $45,000, these partners will match dollar for dollar, doubling the impact of your donation. But to meet that goal, we will need our most successful Giving Tuesday campaign ever!

What Is Giving Tuesday?

First introduced in 2012, Giving Tuesday has become a regular part of the holiday season for millions of people around the world, following Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. The thinking is that after spending money on friends and loved ones over Thanksgiving weekend, we can set aside the next day—Giving Tuesday—to spend a little bit on people we don’t know, too—people who could use a helping hand.

For the eight years since its inception, Giving Tuesday has largely been defined by three characteristics: worthy charities, a focus on social media, and generous donations.

A Worthy Charity: The Parental Rights Foundation

Of course, the Parental Rights Foundation isn’t the only charity worthy of your Giving Tuesday consideration. But it’s one we know you believe in.

This year the Parental Rights Foundation has been able to provide a helping hand to families like Chris Clay’s in Texas, for whom we filed an amicus brief in the Texas Supreme Court to defend his rights to be there for his daughter.

And we were able to be there for Doreen (name changed), the West Coast mother whose name was put on her state’s child abuse registry, though she had done nothing wrong. The Foundation was able to write a letter of appeal that persuaded the authorities there to remove her name without even going to a hearing.

Then we helped in a similar situation in New York, when Darby and Greg (names changed) were similarly blacklisted for opting to use a different form of vitamin K than an attending physician preferred. Their own doctor had agreed with them that another form, rather than the typical injection, would be better for their baby given their family history. But the attending physician disagreed, phoned them in for “medical neglect,” and got their names added to the state registry.

Once again, a letter from a lawyer on behalf of the Parental Rights Foundation was enough to have their names removed and their reputations restored.

It has been an exciting and victorious year, and we’d like it to be the first of many—which is why we invite you to partner with us this Giving Tuesday to help make the next year even better.

How to Invest on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is also largely a social media event. So on that day we will feature testimonial videos from families listed above, as well as live updates during the day. You can find these on our social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Please make plans now to check in that day to share and enjoy our content, and encourage your friends to check us out as well!

Finally, of course, Giving Tuesday is a day to give. Thanks to the generous matching grants mentioned above, every dollar you give will be doubled—up to the first $45,000 we receive! If you give $5, the Foundation will receive $10. If you give $1,000, we will receive $2,000. So the more you give, the bigger the matching grant will be, too.

But only on Giving Tuesday.

(If you’d like to get a head start you can give through this special Giving Tuesday link, but once Giving Tuesday has passed so will this opportunity to double your donation.)

Together we can make Giving Tuesday a success for the many worthy causes out there and right here—with your Parental Rights Foundation.

Thank you for standing with us!


Michael Ramey
Executive Director


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