Watch: Why Pass Parental Rights State Laws?

Today fifteen states protect parental rights as fundamental rights in state law. So, it’s very exciting that almost fifteen more states (currently 12) have introduced or are expected to introduce similar measures this legislative session.

If every one of those were to pass—a longshot, I know—we would nearly double the number of states protecting our children by recognizing parental rights as fundamental. That would be absolutely incredible!

But why does it matter? What’s the big deal?

As these bills are introduced, we hear from a lot of lawmakers who may not understand why we need to put this into state law, especially in states where the courts already recognize fundamental parental rights (which is most of them).

So, we have put together a video in which Parental Rights Foundation president Will Estrada and chairman Jim Mason explain just why these laws are so important in protecting families. 

I believe many Americans will find this short video interesting and informative, so please feel free to share it wherever you are able.

You can view the video (and grab this link to share) at