Former Magistrate Addresses “Educational Rights”

This week the Parental Rights Podcast features William Wagner’s discussion with our president, Jim Mason, about a Michigan law that would establish a “right” for all children to receive government-controlled education. Wagner is a former diplomat, federal prosecutor, and magistrate judge, a distinguished professor emeritus of law, and the president of Salt and Light Global.

Jim and Professor Wagner unpack how this well-intended support for educating children can easily be turned into a nightmare for family freedoms (much like the Harvard vision of Elizabeth Bartholet that has been so much on our radar this past month).

Q & A Podcast Season Finale

This marks the 22nd episode of the Parental Rights Podcast’s inaugural season, which will come to a close with its 25th episode on June 23.

That season finale will be a special Q & A event, as Jim and I answer your questions and recap some important points from our first season.

We still have a couple episodes to go, but you can listen to most of season one on iTunes, Spotify, or at

And if you’d like to submit a question for the season finale Q & A session, you can do so here.

Once the season is finished, we will take a short break to get ready for Season 2, which will premier in October. We’re already looking forward to gathering new content for the new season!

If you haven’t checked out the podcast yet, I would encourage you to do so here.

We have had some excellent discussions about parental rights with a number of experts and parents on the front lines in the fight for your parental rights.

Thank you as always for your support of the important work of the Parental Rights Foundation.


Michael Ramey
Executive Director