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Welcome to the EPPiC Broadcast: Empowering Parents and Protecting Children. Featuring personal stories, breaking news, and insightful commentary, we’ll encourage and inform you on the issue of family and parental rights as you guide and protect that child who is your world. From the Parental Rights Foundation.

Recent Episodes

Education’s Changing Landscape, with Ethan Demme

By Sheila Roberts | October 27, 2020

COVID-19 is causing a revolution in the education world. The number of homeschooling families has doubled in just a few months, and now both parents and teachers are reevaluating the most basic systems of traditional schooling. So, how can you best guide your family through this shifting landscape?  This week, Michael talks with Ethan Demme,…

Catching Up with Michael Farris

By Sheila Roberts | October 20, 2020

This week, Jim catches up with the founder of the Parental Rights Foundation and current president and general counsel of Alliance Defending Freedom, Michael Farris. Hear his perspective on the recent Supreme Court nomination, an in-depth look at our judicial system, and how ADF and parallel organizations are working to defend your personal freedoms and…

Exposing the Hidden Foster Care System, with Josh Gupta-Kagan

By Sheila Roberts | October 13, 2020

In most states, children can be taken from their parents without ever officially entering the foster care system. This means the system is removing even more children than we thought. This week, Dr. Josh Gupta-Kagan, Professor at the University of South Carolina School of Law and author of “The Hidden Foster Care System,” explains how…

Schooling After COVID, with Kerry McDonald

By Sheila Roberts | October 6, 2020

As school starts up again, what will be the new normal for post-pandemic learning?  How should parents respond?  Education expert Kerry McDonald is a Senior Education Fellow at FEE, an adjunct scholar at the CATO Institute, and author of Unschooled: Raising Curious, Well-Education Children Outside the Conventional Classroom. Kerry explains some strategies that parents are…

New Name, Same Aim

By Sheila Roberts | October 4, 2020

The second season of the Parental Rights Podcast launched Tuesday, under a different name: the EPPiC Broadcast. Launched in January of this year, the Parental Rights Podcast’s first season featured such guests as the Jennifer Pelletier family, law professor Maxine Eichner, New York City activist Joyce McMillan, and constitutional law professor William Wagner. Season one…

Answering Your Questions

By Sheila Roberts | June 30, 2020

A few weeks ago we planned to answer your questions about parents’ rights in the final episode of the Parental Rights Podcast. While we had an urgent news story come up instead, we still wanted to go through your questions and answer them as best we could. Where listeners asked similar questions, we’ve combined those into…

The Devastating Effects of Anonymous Reporting

By Sheila Roberts | June 24, 2020

How badly can false reports of abuse and neglect hurt a family?This week, Kathleen Creamer, the Managing Attorney of the Family Advocacy Unit at Community Legal Services in Philadelphia, explains the devastating impacts that false, anonymous reports of child abuse can have on families. She and Jim break down the details, from traumatic and invasive…

What’s Happening to Your Rights?

By Sheila Roberts | June 10, 2020

What’s changing in parental rights laws, and how will your family be affected? This week, we recap the good and the bad from this year’s developing parental rights legislation. Both the federal and state legislatures have been busy, so Michael breaks down the new developments in school choice, anonymous child abuse reporting, and more with…

Send us YOUR questions!

By Sheila Roberts | June 5, 2020

Thank you so much for listening to the Parental Rights Podcast! For our season finale, releasing on June 23rd, we want to answer your questions about the podcast, any of our guest speakers, the Parental Rights movement, and more. if you have questions or comments, we want to hear them! Submit your question below and…

When Rights Become Orders

By Sheila Roberts | June 2, 2020

What happens when a judge rules that your kids have a “right” to government-controlled schooling? This week, we cover a developing case in Detroit – what looks like a positive win for school children actually endangers the right of parents to direct and determine their kids’ education. Jim breaks down the case with William Wagner,…