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Welcome to the EPPiC Broadcast: Empowering Parents and Protecting Children. Featuring personal stories, breaking news, and insightful commentary, we’ll encourage and inform you on the issue of family and parental rights as you guide and protect that child who is your world.

The views and opinions expressed by our podcast guests are not necessarily those of the EPPiC Broadcast or the Parental Rights Foundation. In the interest of furthering our nonpartisan mission of educating the public about parental rights, we seek to feature a broad diversity of views and opinions relating to parental rights. If you have thoughts about our podcast or a particular podcast guest, we welcome your feedback at foundation@parentalrights.org.

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Family is Fundamental, with Melissa Moschella

By Sheila Roberts | October 13, 2022

This week, we talk with Melissa Moschella, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the Catholic University of America, where her teaching focuses on bioethics and the moral and political status of the family. Melissa is also the author of To Whom Do Children Belong? Parental Rights, Civic Education, and Children’s Autonomy. Melissa discusses why parental rights are critical…

Maryanne Godboldo’s Story, with Allison Folmar

By Sheila Roberts | September 29, 2022

In 2011, Detroit-area parent Maryanne Godboldo found herself in a standoff with social workers, police, and even a SWAT team threatening the removal of her daughter – all because Maryanne refused to give her daughter a dangerous, mind-altering psychiatric drug.  This week, we talk with civil attorney Allison Folmar, who represented Maryanne in this nationally-publicized…

Episode Six: In Defense of Yeshiva Schools, with Jason Bedrick

By Sheila Roberts | September 20, 2022

Recently, the New York Times ran an article entitled “In Hasidic Enclaves, Failing Private Schools Flush With Public Money”, attacking the Yeshivas (religious schools) of New York’s Hasidic Jews. But what’s the real story?  This week, we talk with Jason Bedrick, a former member of the New Hampshire state legislature, and now a Research Fellow at the Heritage…

Why Due Process Matters, with Frank Garrison

By Sheila Roberts | September 13, 2022

This week, we talk with Frank Garrison, an attorney at the Pacific Legal Foundation, which fights to protect civil rights, private property rights, and to uphold the constitutional separation of powers. Frank is representing a mother in Arizona who has been falsely accused of child neglect and has found her name on the state child abuse…

Episode Four: Are State Child Abuse Registries Unconstitutional? with Timothy Sandefur

By Sheila Roberts | September 7, 2022

In Arizona, one mom found her name on the state registry of child abusers, with many job and volunteer opportunities closed to her for the next 25 years, all because she let her child play in a safe neighborhood park with friends while she shopped for groceries. How does this happen to an innocent, loving…

Protecting Innocent Parents, with Jamie Gullen

By Sheila Roberts | August 30, 2022

This week, we talk with Jamie Gullen. Jamie is the Managing Attorney of the Employment Unit and Youth Justice Project at Community Legal Services in Philadelphia.  On August 10th, Community Legal Services filed a lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania over Pennsylvania’s state child abuse registry. When child abuse investigations are opened, parents are automatically placed on…

A History of Homeschooling, with Jim Mason

By Sheila Roberts | August 23, 2022

This week’s episode features an interview with Jim Mason, president of the Home School Legal Defense Association. Jim has represented homeschooling families in a wide range of challenging situations and has set precedents that have expanded freedom for the homeschool community. Today, he tells us about HSLDA’s work in protecting the right of parents to teach…

Representing Parents in Family Court, with Kathleen Creamer

By Sheila Roberts | August 16, 2022

Welcome back to the EPPiC Broadcast! We’re kicking off our fifth season by talking with Kathleen Creamer, managing attorney of the Family Advocacy Unit at Community Legal Services in Philadelphia. Despite the life-altering consequences of CPS investigations, up to losing their children forever, many parents go to court completely unrepresented by any legal counsel. The system is…

Helping Your Children Grow, with John Rosemond

By Sheila Roberts | May 17, 2022

This week, we talk with John Rosemond, a parenting expert who has worked with families, children, and parents since 1971. His parenting advice column is published in over 225 newspapers across the country, and he’s the author of over 15 books on parenting. John is also a Parental Rights Foundation board member.  In this episode,…

An Education Commissioner’s Perspective, with Frank Edelblut

By Sheila Roberts | April 6, 2022

This week, we talk with Frank Edelblut, New Hampshire’s Education Commissioner since 2017. An accountant and entrepreneur and a former member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, Edelblut now administers the state’s Department of Education.  Frank tells us about his work representing the interests of New Hampshire’s parents and taxpayers in the public school…

Defending Families from CPS, with Jey Rajaraman

By Sheila Roberts | April 6, 2022

This week we talk with Jey Rajaraman, who served the last 15 years as chief counsel and supervising attorney at Legal Services of New Jersey’s Family Representation project. She has recently joined former Children’s Bureau chiefs Jerry Milner and David Kelly at Family Integrity & Justice Works. Jey tells us about her work in providing…

Parenting with a Disability, with Rachel Barkley

By Sheila Roberts | April 6, 2022

This week, we talk with Rachel Barkley, an experienced coalition- and community-builder at the state and local level, and a spinal cord tumor survivor and mom. Rachel tells us about her work promoting policies that promote personal freedom and human dignity, and about parenting her children while quadriplegic.  In this episode, Rachel shares her professional…