Podcast Targets COVID-19 Crisis

In January of this year, the Parental Rights Foundation launched “the Parental Rights Podcast” to keep you informed and help you educate others on the state of parental rights and family freedoms in America.

At that time, we could not have imagined the country would be closed down, state by state, in response to some dreaded disease.

Yet, since COVID-19 spread to America, a lot of us have been faced with new—and sometimes frightening—questions.

Fortunately, we’ve been blessed to get in touch with a lot of informed parents in the past few months—even some doctors!—who have had a lot of helpful things to share about the disease and parenting during difficult times. 

With their expert insights, we have been able to turn this unanticipated challenge into an opportunity for some great discussion centered on parental rights during the coronavirus pandemic.

Recent Episodes Highlight COVID-19 Response in the Home

At the start of this month, I talked with Lenore Skenazy, founder of “Let Grow” and what has come to be called the “Free-Range Kids movement.” We talked about her efforts and about state laws that would let parents raise independent and competent children.

But we also talked about the current shutdown and how parents should respond in order to best help their children grow. Lenore shared that children at home may look for ways to express the feeling that “I’m not just a taker; I’m a giver, too. I’m a capable, competent person.” The key, as we discussed on the episode, may be in finding ways to let them contribute and grow.

Last week in “COVID-19 and Your Family,” Jim spoke with pediatrician and former ParentalRights.org board member Lainna Callentine about the need for “social distancing” and what efforts are really needed to protect our families. As a parental rights advocate and medical professional, she provides friendly insights into the current social and medical situation.

This week’s episode is the first of a two-part discussion with Joyce McMillan, a New York City family rights activist, whose quotes have popped up in a lot of quality articles in recent months. Our main focus with Joyce was an exciting new law that will improve circumstances for parents in New York. But we also discussed the impact this shutdown is having there in the Big Apple, which is a sort of unofficial “ground zero” for the virus in America.

Next week’s podcast will pick up with part two of that conversation.

In short, we’ve been able to provide some quality programming that is both centered on parental rights and family freedom and also practical and helpful for the current lockdown across America.

Look No Further

Whether you’re stuck at home and looking for a helpful and encouraging way to pass the time or need something encouraging for your “essential” daily commute, look no further than the Parental Rights Podcast.

You can find every episode on iTunes, Spotify, or ParentalRightsFoundation.org/podcast. You can also donate here to support all the work of the Foundation, including (but not limited to) these podcasts.

Thank you for standing with us during these challenging times to protect children by empowering parents through the Parental Rights Foundation!


Michael Ramey

Executive Director