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Help Protect D.C. Families

The Parental Rights Foundation is in the fight of our lives for parental rights, and we need you with us to succeed!

On July 12, the Foundation filed suit in federal district court to halt a dangerous DC bill that would permit children as young as 12 to make a legally-binding decision regarding vaccinations, while keeping their parents—and possibly their primary care physician—completely in the dark.

We’ve written about this law and the danger it poses to children several times since last fall, when it was passed by the DC Council. Now we’re fighting it in court.

The Parental Rights Foundation doesn’t take cases very often. Our resources are severely limited and lawsuits are expensive.

But this case could be huge. It has the potential to set a crucial precedent at a time when laws are being passed all over the country that would remove parents from the primary role in guiding their minor children’s medical care and decisions.

You can read the full text of our complaint below.

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