Urgent: Take Action NOW to Support Proposed Regulations Strengthening Parental Rights

Oklahoma is one of 15 states to have a strong Parents’ Bill of Rights as part of state law. And now, the Oklahoma State Department of Education is seeking public comment on two proposed regulations which will strengthen Oklahoma’s law and provide additional protections to children in Oklahoma public schools by empowering parents. 

Tomorrow, Friday, March 17, the Oklahoma State Department of Education will hold two public hearings on these proposed regulations. Tracey Montgomery, our Parental Rights State Coordinator, has signed up to testify in support of the proposed regulations, and we encourage you to also sign up to testify with her. 

  • The hearing at 10 AM will focus on a proposed regulation that will prohibit public school libraries from making pornographic materials or sexualized content available to minors.
  • The hearing at 2 PM will focus on a proposed regulation that will strengthen application of Oklahoma’s Parent’s Bill of Rights in the context of public schools. 

Both hearings will be held at the Oliver Hodge Building, 2500 N Lincoln Blvd, Room 1-20 (State Board Room), Oklahoma City, OK 73105-4599.

If you are unable to attend in person, you can submit written public comment by email to rules@sde.ok.gov. Please note that the comment period will close at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, March 17.

We encourage you to support both proposed regulations by testifying in person, or in writing via email. Your message can be as simple as providing your name, address, and contact information, and telling the Oklahoma State Department of Education that you support these proposed regulations to protect children, to protect parental rights, and to strengthen Oklahoma’s Parent’s Bill of Rights. Feel free to add in anything else that you think will help encourage the Oklahoma State Department of Education to adopt these proposed regulations.

Finally, please forward this email to two or three friends, and encourage them to also file public comments. Together, we can protect our precious children by empowering parents!