Urgent Action Needed to Support Texas Bill to End Anonymous Reporting

We need your urgent action to help pass a good bill to protect families in Texas. 

HB 63, introduced by Representative Valoree Swanson, will replace anonymous reports of child abuse and neglect with confidential reports, provide penalties for false reporting, and add additional protections for innocent families during child welfare investigations. This bill is based on our model legislation

HB 63 has been scheduled for a hearing in the Texas House Human Services Committee on Tuesday, March 8, at 8 AM.

Please take a moment to submit a comment in support of HB 63 to the Texas Human Services Committee. 

First, go to this webpage, and fill out your information. 

Second, click “Select” next to “HB 63 by Swanson.”

Third, tell the Committee why you support this bill. Your message can be as simple as the following:

HB 63 will protect innocent families from being hotlined anonymously by a disgruntled neighbor, an angry relative, or a vindictive ex. It allows abuse and neglect to still be reported confidentially, but it protects innocent Texas families and children from having to go through the trauma of an unnecessary child welfare investigation. It protects children who are truly at risk of abuse or neglect by ensuring that Texas child welfare investigators have the time to investigate true reports of child maltreatment. And it puts in place penalties to ensure that false reporters are prosecuted. Please stand with Texas children and families and support HB 63. 

You can read more about why we support HB 63 here: https://parentalrightsfoundation.org/confidential-reporting/

Thank you for standing with us to protect Texas families. Please forward this email to a couple friends and family in Texas and ask them to also file a comment with the Human Services Committee in support of HB 63.