The World of Hidden Foster Care, with Josh Gupta-Kagan

This week, we talk with Dr. Josh Gupta-Kagan, Professor at Columbia University School of Law and author of “The Hidden Foster Care System.” Josh explains how many parents in child welfare investigations find their children placed with relatives, completely off the official record. While placing children with relatives, sometimes called kinship care, is not an inherently bad thing and can result in good outcomes for families, the severe lack of oversight and documentation in these placements is a glaring problem. Josh tells us what happens during an off-the-record placement, why the child welfare system doesn’t keep track of these cases, and how he’s fighting for reform and better oversight.

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  1. […] over the country, hundreds of thousands of children every year are taken into this “hidden foster care,” where parents are bullied into “voluntarily” sending their children to live with relatives […]