Answering Your Questions

A few weeks ago we planned to answer your questions about parents’ rights in the final episode of the Parental Rights Podcast. While we had an urgent news story come up instead, we still wanted to go through your questions and answer them as best we could. Where listeners asked similar questions, we’ve combined those into…

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Don’t Buy the Hype That Child Abuse Is Sky-Rocketing

Perhaps you’ve heard the dire predictions: with more children at home, more parents out of work, and fewer eyes on the students because schools are closed, child abuse and neglect will skyrocket during this COVID-19 pandemic. But now there are refreshing warnings: warnings from both the federal government and private sources, to caution us not…

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The “Age of Fear” in the “Land of Surveillance”

The "Age of Fear" in the "Land of Surveillance"

It’s one of the toughest balancing acts you face as a parent: how to teach your child independence and self-reliance while keeping them safe in a dangerous and interconnected world. I say “interconnected” because, as wonderful as connection is, in some instances it can cause more harm than good. A key example: anonymous reporting. You…

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