Representing Parents in Family Court, with Kathleen Creamer

Welcome back to the EPPiC Broadcast! We’re kicking off our fifth season by talking with Kathleen Creamer, managing attorney of the Family Advocacy Unit at Community Legal Services in Philadelphia.

Despite the life-altering consequences of CPS investigations, up to losing their children forever, many parents go to court completely unrepresented by any legal counsel. The system is particularly harsh on low-income families and families of color. Kathleen works to give high-quality legal aid to families caught up in child welfare investigations in Pennsylvania. 

Kathleen also breaks down how anonymous child abuse hotlines and central registries for child abusers, while ostensibly intended to protect children, often do more harm than good to innocent families. Plus, hear about a new bill in Pennsylvania that threatens parents with compulsory drug screenings based only on an anonymous hotline call. 

You can learn more about Kathleen’s work on the CLS website, and you can hear more from her on her Twitter. Also check out Community Legal Services’ podcast, How Is That Legal?.