Calls Needed to Advance Bill Protecting Parental Rights in Oklahoma Public Schools

On February 6, Senator Rob Standridge introduced SB95, prohibiting public schools from providing certain sexually explicit materials to students without written parental consent. 

The act prohibits public schools from providing any “sexually explicit material including but not limited to any book or other written medium…to a student…without written consent from the student’s parent or legal guardian.”

SB95 also includes a “right of private action,” providing that “the parent…of a student who is provided…sexually explicit material for which written consent was not provided shall have a cause of action against” (and may sue) “the public school district or public charter school.”

This is an excellent bill to protect children by keeping their parents informed and empowered to protect their interests in the area of sexually explicit content in public schools.

Oklahoma is one of 15 states that already protects parental rights as fundamental (the Parents’ Bill of Rights, Oklahoma Statutes Sections 2001-2005 of Title 25). SB95 will strengthen this law by providing clear, detailed instructions to protect the rights of parents in the particular situation of materials involving sexual content in Oklahoma public schools.

Please take a moment today to contact your senator and urge support for SB95. Your message should be in your own words, and can be as simple as the following:

I am calling/writing to urge my senator to support SB95 prohibiting sexually explicit content to students without written parental consent. Parents know their children best and should be the ones to decide what their child is or is not ready to see, especially in the area of sexuality. Please vote in favor of SB95 to empower parents to protect their children as appropriate.

You can find your senator’s contact information here.

Thank you for taking the time to stand up for parental rights to protect their children in Oklahoma schools.