Alfie Evans: A Judge, Not Parents, Decides a Baby’s Fate

Alfie Evans

Picture from #ALFIESARMY Twitter page

Earlier this year, the world watched as baby Alfie Evans’ fate was decided, not by his loving, fit parents, but by a judge. Below are some news articles on the case, along with brief commentary.

  • Alder Hey spent more than £145K on legal fees – This article explains that the hospital spent 145,000 pounds in the legal battle.
  • Alfie Evans Is What Happens When Kids Belong To Society Instead Of To Parents – Alfie Evans passed away this weekend after the U.K. refused to allow his parents to take him for treatment elsewhere. This article explores how this tragedy “is what happens when kids belong to society, not parents.”
  • Alfie Evans Parents Appeal Against Italy Travel Ban Ruling – You’ve probably seen that the U.K. has pulled the plug on Alfie, over his parents’ objections, claiming the doctors know “the best interests of the child.” We believe, rather, that “natural bonds of affection lead PARENTS to act in the best interests of their children,” to quote Parham v. J.R., 442 US 584 (1979) at 602 (emphasis added).  There have been no charges of abuse or neglect. So why should these parents have lost their natural right to make these crucial decisions for their precious child?
  • Courts Decide It’s Time for Alfie Evans to Die – “The U.K. is simply farther down that road with its socialized medicine than we are in the U.S. But don’t be surprised if sometime down the line, we start to see Alfie Evans–type cases begin to pop up here.”
  • Alfie Evans: Latest Updates as Parents LOSE Bid to Keep Life Support On – Imagine your child’s fate being decided–not by you–but by a judge. In the U.K., that’s what’s happened to Tom Evans today as he was in court fighting for the right to seek treatment for his son, Baby Alfie Evans. Even the judge recognized this father’s care, saying “You have done your son proud.” Yet in the end, it won’t be Alfie’s loving father, but the judge, deciding his fate. As the judge said, “I’m making a life-and-death decision.”
  • Alfie Evans Ruled “Fit to Fly’ by Independent Group – Imagine a hospital refusing to let you transfer your child for treatment and instead suing for custody so they can end your child’s life…all without even giving him a diagnosis. That’s exactly what is happening in the United Kingdom to Alfie Evans, despite the fact that he was recently “certified as ‘fit to fly.'”

Parental rights are not protected in the U.K., and we need to act NOW to protect them in America.